Energy Leader Trainer® Program. Leading energy. Energia johtaminen. Energiavalmennus Oy.

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Price for the half year program is 5800€ + 24 % VAT per person.

We will choose participants to the program through applications.
If you are interested, please send your application to

Energy Leader Trainer® Program

Leading energy is a skill that turns the organization to be more adaptable and solution-oriented. All we do is based on our motivations and energy.

Energy Leader Trainer® -program is a half year coaching program where the leader learns how to lead organizational energy.

When energy shifts, results change.

After the program you can:

💡Apply coaching approach in leading your core-team and stakeholders 
💡Lead different people and understand their motivations and relation to energy
💡Choose the right approach to leading collaboration
💡Know which strategies to use in different types of organizational energy